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TDF is also present in Savona, thanks to the invaluable collaboration with the Circolo Paulista, a cultural association that has been operating in the Liguria region for several years.

“Only together can we achieve what each of us is trying to achieve."

About Us


Circolo Paulista is a Cultural Association founded in Savona in 2015 with the aim of creating a bridge of union between international art and local resources that strengthens the cohesion of the collective and enhances the socio-cultural and landscape aspect of the city and the territory.

Over the years we have collaborated through artistic participation with various local associations, active in the dissemination of literature, poetry and music; and national associations, working to help the most fragile social groups.
Since 2018 we have been carrying out internship programmes for a city educational institution, linked to the methodology of alternating school-work.

Our relationship with the city of Savona


The Circolo Paulista wants to be an important player for public institutions, contributing to the creation of a network of synergies through:

A-The promotion of quality cultural and art events that highlight the municipality's real estate and artistic heritage, effectively stimulating national and international tourism.

B-Realisation of programmes dedicated to young people, of school and pre-school age, to entertain, stimulate, develop a higher critical cultural sense.

C-Collaboration with social promotion associations that play a decisive and important role in maintaining social dynamics in the area.


Ingrid Rampini 
Curator and President of Circolo Paulista
She is in charge of all TDF projects and events in Savona.

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Joan Rombaldi

Curator and Cultural Planner
Founder of TheDoubleFace.
She is in charge of the design and curatorship of TDF events and services in Turin and Savona

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Social promotion Association

Savona (SV)

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