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Social promotion Association

The association was born from the encounter of art with pedagogy, from the passion for social theatre, from the desire to work together, to bring everyone's skills to bear to create something special: a symbiotic organism capable of moving in various environments, continuously merging the magic of art with the character of theatre.
It works mainly in the province of Savona for schools, A.S.L. and C.S.M., libraries and cultural centres. For some years it has been actively collaborating with Caritas and since 2022 has been a system element within the Subsidiarity Pact signed with the Municipality of Savona for the promotion of actions against serious adult marginalisation. In particular in the design of interventions aimed at matching people with care.
Teatro21 favours the use of social theatre as an intervention tool aimed at promoting and developing the concept of community identity, as a support for individual and collective processes of growth, and as a facilitator in building relationships and shared meanings.
Doing social theatre, for us, means taking theatre outside the classical canons of performance as most people understand it.

Crossing borders to reach schools, prisons, degraded suburbs, communities, bringing acting action especially to those who do not do theatre to become professional actors, but as an opportunity to give substance to their needs, their creative instances, their interests.
In our workshops, much space is devoted to artistic expression in all its forms. Art constitutes, for us, a modality through which each individual can relate to the reality he or she lives and make it his or her own, restructuring it in a process that allows for a more conscious becoming, of oneself and of others.

(Teatro21 has collaborated with many realities in Savona, from the Evangelical Church to the CGIL, nurseries and high schools, refresher courses for prison officers and educators, a 'bridge' between different realities, a valid and responsible interlocutor...)

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