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Tiziana Pellerano


Artistic research

Tiziana Pellerano lives and works in Turin. After graduating from the 1st High School of Art in Turin and earning a degree in Film History and Criticism from the Faculty of Letters in Turin, she worked as a television director at the RAI Production Center in Turin.

I define my painting as abstract informal. I use black as a background, on which light and image is sought through a mixture of colors, earths, natural pigments, putty and collage, which arrives at a material result.

Rather than imposing a defined and recognizable image in the real, I try to offer the viewer a path that, through the emotions of colors and the pictorial gesture, proposes the "simple" search as the final goal.

I give the observer the freedom to map his or her own personal path; not surprisingly, the suggestion of geographical maps that do not reproduce any real territory recurs in my work. I do not define the physical limits of my works, which can continue other the nonexistent frame, to flow from one to another .Moving between a series of dichotomous oppositions, black-white, inside-outside, definite-undefined, real-abstract, geometric order-primal chaos, I try to arrive at the conclusive effect of a personal control of the contrasting material-chromatic forces created.

Consultant of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte since 2000. 

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