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Pablo Lucero

Italy/ Argentina

Artistic research

In Lucero's world, reality and imagination do not live on different planes in which one can dominate the other dimension. His works do not pursue any melancholic escape from reality, but are an opening to understanding in order to experience reality in the fullness of its vision.

Lucero's works are an exhibition sequence that traces the line of his experience of contact and perception with the world, everything. The narrative of his images does not belong to the search for the composite and decomposed identities of our time that Lucero takes for granted, but rather to the faithful and documentary chronicle of human emotions, from the foundational to the temporary. His multifaceted range of materials, techniques, experimentation, lively and messy, typical of the Latin world in which Lucero has his cultural roots, is an infectious search for happiness, its fleeting moments, its unexpected possibilities.

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