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Liana Ghukasyan


Artistic research

Armenian painter born in Germany in Magdeburg in 1986. During the Nagorno Karabach war in Armenia and with the fall of the Soviet Union in Armenia in the 1990s, she moved with her family to her homeland. After graduating from the Faculty of Painting in Yerevan, Armenia, he moved to Milan, where he graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. She has been living and working in Milan since 2008.
In the Armenian artist's research, in fact, it is possible to trace stories, often with dreamlike and perturbing connotations: they are stories that stage uncertain bodies and protagonists, engaged in the even violent confrontation between the sexes, but also in the most tender relations of feelings. They are open stories, that is, they presuppose an interpretation by the viewer and always a different solution in a later work. Painting is an event because it imposes a glimpse into a moment of those stories, a single moment, not even perhaps crucial, certainly suspended between one happening and another. Painting is an event in the artist's everyday life, and he takes on that everyday life, uncovering its distant roots that are rooted in the very ancient Armenian culture, in the drama of the genocide, in the diaspora of a people that becomes a wandering life and memory of the person.

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