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Isabel Rodríguez Ramos


Artistic research

Isabel Rodriguez Ramos, Italian-Cuban multidisciplinary artist, born 1997, Turin. Founder and artistic director of the project 'Natural Mente Corpo' and part of the artistic duo 'Gea Collective'. Thanks to the support of numerous conceptual attunements with philosophy and literature, her work investigates the mystery of the panic body proposing itself as a space of confrontation and sharing of everyone's inner worlds. The artist's research is characterized by a profoundly interdisciplinary approach that leaves room for the dialogue of different media and artistic languages: from video art to photography through performance and sculpture, in a path guided by a strong spirituality and a fascination for the manipulation of organic matter.



The artist's photographic works are the result of personal experimental research that, through creative acts culminating in photographic restitution, encourages the elaboration of experiences related to the perception of the body. Drawing on humanistic and theatrical training, Isabel leads performative-experiential paths aimed at stimulating contact with the self* in relationship with the environment. The opportunity to freely express emotions and experiences in the body promotes a path of deep awareness. In collaboration with mental health professionist* she has initiated projects that, through the dialogue between art and clinic, actively contribute to the helping process.

ART AND THE SOCIAL In the belief that artistic research cannot exist as an end in itself, but must contaminate the reality in which it is born and evolves by stimulating a reaction and encouraging critical thinking, the artist's works aim to contribute to the contemporary debate on the reappropriation of the body. Art thus becomes an active tool of empirical inquiry into the Human and an easily accessible and usable educational medium.


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