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Exhibition itinerary created in the Saluzzo district in July 2022 for the  Festival NaturArte.

Event promoted by Teatro Selvatico 

Festival ideation: Maria Antonela Bresug

Artistic curatorship, preparation and relationship with the press: Giovanna Rombaldi

Artistic direction: Federico Pozzato


The poet John Keats said "The touch has a memory" and, in fact, that encounter of skin against skin leaves people with that slight memory ready to be remembered over and over again during life. Nature has the same effect on us, contact with the elements leads us to build an intimate memory, which remains fixed and indelible. The return to nature, in this way, will lead us every time to recall that primordial instinct left by that encounter. CON/TATTO wants to evoke the intimate bond between man and nature, putting at the base all the senses that we use when, immersed in the natural elements, we seek that touch that evokes sensations of distant experiences, of known gazes and of inner calm.

It all takes place in a large space, where the calm water, which transforms itself into light and sound, transports us towards sacred moments printed on long sheets, passing through the thought which transforms and becomes matter and the daily memories which tell the mutability of feeling and the passage of time, until we reach distant beaches, made of sand and mirrors, to end up in the most intimate memory of us, the childish one, the childhood hidden in us, which comes out in all its vigor and simplicity, inviting us back to those playful moments we had forgotten. A unique and personal journey, made up of sound, gaze, touch and scents, marked by the tempo of a distant bell that brings us back to our daily lives.

Organized by @teatroselvatico and @bardo_micronation
Designed by @_elasola

Photo by 

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