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Dayana Sharon Marconi


Artistic research

An Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society, member of AOP, London Independent Photography and Women Occupy Hollywood, she has an MA Photography with Distinction from Faomouth University, also studying Screenwriting at UCLA in Los Angeles. In her last two projects "I can hear you now" and "Caterpillar" she has focused on Art Therapy and on exploring the ways in which photography can be used as a medium for psychological and sociological research and investigation of the self, creating images that can be interpreted according to the audience's experience. The starting point is the photographer, her inability to externalise her state of anxiety or her recovery from a trauma. The project 'I can hear you now', focuses on the release of that negativity that is daily hidden. It transformed the act of shouting from something considered aggressive to a liberating act: the subjects shout out their pain, anger, frustration, fear; because our lives are regulated by social norms that stigmatise these behaviours and, by counteracting those taboos related to Mental Health, it proposes a constructive dialogue between image and receiver. The project has been performed all over the world and won awards, including three Bronze Medals at the 'Global Music Awards' in Los Angeles. In 'Caterpillar', published in 2022 and exhibited in Europe and the USA, he experimented, working on film and in 're-photography', to portray his own inner transformation after a trauma, moving from the stages: feeling of not belonging, of disappearing, to the transformation of the self and the surrounding world. This transformation is symbolically proposed by the physical manipulation of the prints through various techniques, such as sandblasting, solvents, destruction and origami. The original image is symbolically transformed, becoming intelligible, like the future. By including Hauiku poetry and the introduction of a new language, it perfectly represents the concept of 'Art Therapy', the use of creativity for healing.

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