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Andrew Michael Porzio


Artistic research

Cellophane was created with the intention of visually expressing and putting into practice an emotion that has always (in)followed me. The idea is to create a non-trap that allows us to consider ourselves in space and place as a static, off and still element. When in reality the latter is unreal, being transparent and imperceptible we can make ourselves observed despite our constraint. The paradox between possible and brain, between intent and force, accompanied by that spasmodic sense of melancholy in the quest to break free using all our strength. (Re)considering our expectations by tearing apart the membrane that traps us and building ourselves up through the emotions we have trapped and nurtured. The glow and warmth of a new birth, refers us to the moment of enlightenment, a big idea: Discovering ourselves

Andrea Michele Porzio was born in Riva del Garda, born in 1997 and grew up exploring his imagination through visual and photographic arts. During his studies at Liceo Artistico he tells his world through a photographic narrative: adolescence by the lake, mountains and being young without too many dreams. In 2019 he moved to Turin, looking for a professional breakthrough, and in September 2022 he opened an art space in the center of Turin: 3So Sottoscala d'Arte, a place where music and photography meet to give space to art in all its forms. Andrea mainly photographs people, situations and tells stories through his photographs that challenge the concept of "beauty" as an end in itself, but beauty as a tool for rebirth and interpersonal discovery. Meanwhile, she organizes events, exhibitions and workshops, always looking for new ways to bring forgotten objects to life through painting, fabric collages and graphic prints.

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