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Alexandre Mora Sverzut

Italy / Brazil

Artistic research

Self-taught, he began his artistic journey in the 1990s in his native country and has been living and working in Italy since 2007. When attitude takes shape: this is the meaning of the performer's path, an eclectic and fertile path of artistic achievements. Imaginative and unpredictable, unconventional, allusive, sentimental , capable of materializing and making visible his own emotional and dreamlike concealment; the artist declines a sometimes perturbing world, which comes to light thanks to his ability to manipulate the stereotypes of painting. Remarkable is its character of immediacy, its rapidity; a spontaneous flow that gushes from the unconscious . His multifaceted practice ,expressed most often through an impactful chromatic force,is manifested through the use of different media: painting, graffiti, watercolor drawing, photography, sculpture, and installation. His artistic production is identified in an autonomous and original style ,highly communicative and symbolic ,with clear semantic references and in which man becomes the only real protagonist of the representation.

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