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Alessio Palma


Artistic research

Born in 1977, Alessio Palma was born in Rome. Since his high school studies, he has been passionate about applied arts, and in 2004 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the capital. As a sculptor, he specializes in the treatment of synthetic and natural resins. First in interior decorations, then in elaborate works closer and closer to sculptural art. The sphere becomes the geometric figure from which the constant search for new fields of application develops. Like a fine tailor, small and large resin spheres go on to compose increasingly complex and defined forms: a work of composition and ornamentation that never ceases to amaze. A geometric form among the most widely used in art and architecture, the sphere recalls our Planet and is a symbol of infinity for many artists and philosophers: an infinity that, in Alessio Palma's works, becomes finite. One next to the other, the spheres in fact go to define a space and a form: the Piaggio Vespa is an example of this. Many small spheres, shiny and golden, together: a patient and delicate composition that gives new life and new substance to one of the best expressions of Italian design.

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