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Elisabetta Ajani


Artistic research

Born in Turin in 1961. She has been practicing the profession of set designer since 1981: she designs sets for theater, cinema and virtual-set , exhibition and museum settings, urban spaces.

Digital-set : within the experimentation of new digital languages, she deals with matte painting, digital backdrop animation, video creations, shooting and editing, digital scenography.

Since 2011 he has been experimenting a field of development of renobilized materials, "green scenography" with low impact on the planet.

Illustrator designer for affiches and corporate image.

Publishes articles and industry studies.

Conducts internships and masters in scenography, video and digital technologies,fashion design for the European Community, Film Festivals, Public Entities, Teatro Stabile, Holden School.

She has been Full Lecturer of the Chair of Scenography at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts (To) since 1986.

Lecturer of the Course of Digital Applications for Art at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts (To) since 2003.

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