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The focus of AREA.lab is experimentation, stimulating the contamination between different languages and different realities.
The cultural world today is a vast network where collaboration and exchange are the basis of professional growth.

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The world of culture, in par with the times, is changing, and along with this development come new figures who work as a team for the success of projects and exhibition routes, which ensure the complex dissemination of the cultural machine. 
AREA.lab was created to group most of these figures into a single course, giving students a comprehensive overview of the professions that currently exist in the field of culture and the work each one does.

An innovative course in cultural design, from criticism to curatorship, culminating in a real final project at the Summer Exhibition of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.


The Goal


The purpose of AREA.lab is to introduce the professional figures that exist in the world of culture today, to bring people into contact with them, and to give them the opportunity to carry out concrete projects directly in the field.

The course, in fact, is developed through a period of face-to-face lectures that will be joined later by workshops with experts in the field and will end with a real design of complete exhibition route.

It will also be possible, for those who stand out, to activate internship paths with the realities that collaborate with AREA.lab.



The structure of the training


AREA.lab will start on February 17, 2023 and end on June 30, 2023.

The first period, from February to April, will be dedicated to face-to-face lectures (about 48 hours) and studio visits.

During this period, the first phase of planning the exhibition itinerary will also begin, with the formation of groups, thematic selection, and identification of the artists from the Albertina Academy who will participate in the Summer Exhibition.

Workshops with experts will be held in April and May 2023, including:


Exhibit Design


Funding Raising



The month of June will be spent to project review and setting up the Summer Exhibition.

The Summer Exhibition


The Summer Exhibition is the summer exhibition of the students of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin and is held annually in the prestigious spaces of the Talucchi Rotunda, and remains open to the public from June to September 2023.

AREA.lab students will have a dedicated space inside the Rotunda, where their exhibition project will be set up. 


Where it will take place

AREA.lab will take place, for face-to-face lectures, inside the classrooms of the Accademia Albertina, Department of Scenography.

The workshops will be held within the Open Incet, in the Scenography labs of the Accademia Albertina.

If you reside outside Turin or Piedmont, it will be possible to follow the frontal theoretical lectures in online mode.

Internship with Exhibi.TO

At the end of the training course, extra-curricular internships will be activated with Exhibi.TO, an association that runs the Contemporary Art Week of Turin galleries. 

It will be possible to actively participate in all Exhibi.TO activities, get in touch with its member galleries, and help in the planning and organization of the Exhibi.TO event in September 2023.


Enrollment Methods


Registration is open until 30 January 2023 and will be activated with a minimum of 6 members and a maximum of 15.


Registration is open until January 30, 2023, and will be activated with a minimum of 6 members and a maximum of 15.


To register for AREA.lab, please send the following documents to


Completed application form in all its partsu

Short motivational letter 

Copy of front and back of an identity document

Copy of bank transfer 



+39 393 241 7540

+39 338 779 8238


Scarica la brochure del per-corso qui


Get to know the AREA.lab prof (essionists) here


Realized by:
Cultural Association The NEW MANNER.



TheDoubleFace collective


In collaboration with:
Department of Scenography and Digital Applications for the Visual Arts of the Accademia Albertina in Turin.


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